A Cup of Comfort with a Side Plate of Love

Published on 16 July 2023 at 10:19

A cup of comfort and a side plate of love. Just add a pillow and a blanket, and we turning this thang into a real live bed and breakfast, mmmkay?!?

Family owned and ran by twin sisters, A Cup of Comfort Breakfast Bistro, located in McDonough, GA, offers an excellent breakfast and brunch selection for the entire family. I had the June Berry Mimosa, the half order of Tres Leches French Toast, and a side of breakfast potatoes.

Our server Denzel was very personable and multitalented! He apparently made my mimosa, took our food order, managed the front of the house, and cooks! I was like, "well go ahead then Mr.Training Day." Lol!  The service was excellent. Just a heads up, there is a $3 credit/debit card transaction fee when paying with a card and an 18% gratuity is supposed to be added on large parties,  but it was added to my party of two. However, I don't want to dwell on that, so let's just get into this brunch!

At first, I thought June Berry was a fruit I'd never heard of before, but it was simply just the name of this bomb ass mimosa! Of course it had champagne, but the server said it also had sweet tea, and Red Bull! It was super good and you good taste hints of the sweet tea without it being overpowering. I highly recommend trying this flavor.

For my meal, I got the half order of the Tres Leches French Toast and it was truly delicious. I added syrup to capture content for a video, but honestly, it didn't need syrup at all. It was sweet as is, and the half order was super filling! I'm a sucker for potatoes, so I ordered a side of the breakfast potatoes and I was so proud of myself, lol! They were amazing and I could smell their aroma even before the bowl hit the table!

On this particular Sunday at this time, it was not crowded. There was plenty of seating, although not a lot of booths. On the side where we were, there were more tables than booths. I didn't mind because our table was still pretty comfortable.

Make sure to check them out on social media and stop by the restaurant when you get the chance. Tell em' Foodie Mom Fee sent you!

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