Off The Hook But On Point Every Time

Published on 13 July 2023 at 07:29

That alfredo sauce did some thangs to me and I liked it!!!

My auntie came in from Miami this day, so I picked her up from the airport and asked her if she wanted something to eat. To which she replied, "yeah". Naturally, because one, she was hungry lol, and two, she's a Foodie just like me. So I wanted to try out a new place and from a recommendation from a Foodie friend of mine (Antlanta Eats, what's up!), I decided to try out Off The Hook Crabs and Fish. First of all, this was a fye recommendation because everything we had was on point!!!


Now if we really getting into it, this restaurant is located in the Dixie Hills Plaza, the real Atlanta. Not to be confused with Decatur, Lithonia, or Riverdale, lol! If ya'll heard the song "Sorry Not Sorry", by A-Town native rapper Omeretta The Great, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about, lol! **Chef Tyler Thomas, the creator behind the seafood sensation was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. And taking inspiration from his great grandfather Roosevelt, whom he was exceptionally close to, Chef Tyler discovered his fondness for cooking. He even named his catering company after his great grandfather, Roosevelts Catering. Catering for the likes of major celebrities including Da Baby, Chris Brown, and more!


But back to my experience, I had the Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls and my auntie had the Lobster Alfredo! I waited a bit longer that I'd expected, but it was worth the wait! They were apologetic about the timing and assured me I would not be disappointed in my food, and I wasn't! Off top, I wasn't expecting cheese in the egg roll, so that was a major plus! The skin (yes, the skin! Lol) of the egg roll was something pleasantly different, and the sauce was so good. It is drizzled on top, so if you're a sauce girl like me, get some extra on the side for dipping. I tried my auntie's pasta, and that alfredo sauce did something to me no other alfredo sauce has ever done to me before! The lobster was flavorful, I just thought it would've have came cut up in the pasta versus the lobster tail on top of the pasta.



All in all, I recommend Off The Hook Crabs and Fish! Great food and supporting young, black business owners is always the move!


**Credit to Voyage ATL for bio information




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