SlooMoo Institute: Graduate With Honors

Published on 3 July 2023 at 13:17

The aromatic smell of slime will always and forever linger in the back of my mind and nose as I won't ever forget walking the halls of SlooMoo Institute.


My oldest daughter and I had the wonderful pleasure of attending Sloo Moo Institute over the Fourth of July weekend. From the moment we walked through the automatic sliding doors, we were greeted by friendly, smiling faces, and the sweetest smells you could ever imagine! Could you imagine those sweet smells being slime?!? We were told to wash our hands in the automatic hand sanitizer sink (which was a fun experience all by itself), and proceed to the welcome and introduction room. There, we received a brief video message detailing the origin of SlooMoo Institute and what we could expect during our experience. 




Our Slimetenders were very polite, friendly, attentive, and most importantly, they were tons of fun! They explained the different activities coherently and in a manner where small children could understand as well. They were available to answer all of our questions, take pictures for us, and smile while we took pictures and videos of them as well. I mean, who wants a camera stuck in there faces their entire work shift? However, they did not complain and they seemed very happy to be apart of making our experience a great one! I loved that!

From the Kinetic Sand, to getting slimed at Sloo Falls, to the Elmer's DIY Bar where we designed our very own slime, and everything else in between, my daughter and I had the best time ever! We'd do it all over again in a heartbeat!


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